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Woman sitting cross legged for meditation.

Reduce Anxiety

Woman sitting cross legged for meditation.

Improve Relationships

Woman sitting cross legged for meditation.

Less Stress

Woman sitting cross legged for meditation.

Sleep Better

Mama Knows Best

This app really knows mothers and hits the nail on the head by including thoughtful guidance on everything from difficult emotions like guilt and shame to the intricacies of each motherhood stage to cultivating gratitude and acceptance.

- Melissa S.

I felt so held and seen while using this app. I felt like the meditations were made just for me and were so fitting to my experience. I cried so many times . . . It felt like such a community of support. I can't wait to share it with all the mamas in my life. Thank you for this invaluable resource.

- Zabie Y

I was crying in the first 10 minutes The guided meditation I was listening to seemed as though it was made just for me, in that very moment that I was experiencing with my toddler. I honestly couldn't believe it . . . I am truly thankful for this app, and there is no doubt in my mind that it will now be my go-to resource.

- Kaci B.

Any and all Moms should try this app! Perfect for beginners and mindful mamas pros, wanting to connect with themselves, calm down, learn how to breathe, and stay grounded. It's easy to navigate and is full of really beautiful meditations.

- Natalie B.

Mamahood Stages

We never want your village to get quiet. That's why we created personalized support and content journeys for you at every stage of motherhood.

Trying to Conceive


4th Trimester

1st Year



Little Kid

Big Kid



All Grown Up

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Top Features

Daily Sip

Sleep Support

Daily Affirmations

Community Support

A Virtual Sanctuary
Designed Just For You

Permission To Rest

Guided Meditation

Listen to this snippet from a 10 minute Guided Meditation to go from “I can’t rest” to “I am resting."

A Mindful Transition

Mini Pause

In less than 2 minutes, use this Mini Pause to make more mindful transitions throughout your day.

I Am Worthy


Repeating affirmations is powerful. It only takes 1 minute to mantra your way to AWESOME.

Coming Home Breath

Breathing Technique

"Come home to your body and home to yourself" by following along with this Breathing Technique.

We Celebrate All Mamahood Journeys

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Children with Special Needs

Military Moms

Adopted Moms

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